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Funding Advice

At Morar Living we recognise that information on funding is an essential part of choosing a care home and can be a stressful and confusing experience. We seek to support you through this process by providing you with advice on funding.

Government support

You may be eligible for government assistance for part or all, of your care costs, depending upon your personal circumstances.

Funding allocation is determined by whether your care needs are for health or for social care needs. This is identified by Health or Social Care Professionals. Access to funding requires an assessment to be carried out to identify the level of support that you require. This can be accessed through your local social work department.

An assessment of your need for care within a care home will identify the level of care that you require. If the assessment identifies that your needs meet the threshold identified by the local authority for admission to a care home, a financial assessment will be carried out to identify your entitlement to financial support in meeting the cost of care.

Your contribution towards the cost of care is identified through the financial assessment with thresholds in place to identify the level of funding available to you.

If you are assessed as requiring admission to a care home and the financial assessment indicates that your assets are below the threshold you will qualify for local authority (LA) funding. This means that the LA will review your income including pensions and will identify your level of contributions towards the care and they will pay the balance to meet the agreed LA funded rate for care.

If your assets are above the threshold set by the LA you will be eligible for free personal care and may also be eligible for free nursing care, provided you meet the criteria set by the LA for nursing care. These are set allowances which are paid towards your care with the balance of cost being paid by you, this is classified as self-funded care.

At Morar Living we recognise that some people may not be eligible for government funding who wish to move into a care home. We welcome residents who choose to fully fund their own care