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Supporting Unique Needs

Morar is dedicated to providing a warm and welcoming home for individuals living with dementia. We recognize that dementia manifests differently for each person, and we are here to guide you in taking the next step, whether it’s for yourself or a loved one.

Our friendly and inclusive environment offers spaces that facilitate social interaction and easy movement, understanding the significance of these aspects. To assist individuals, we have signage in place to help them navigate our surroundings. Our primary goal is to empower people living with dementia to maintain as much independence as possible and continue participating in their daily activities. We tailor activities to each individual’s capabilities, ensuring they can lead fulfilling lives.

We understand that making choices can be challenging, so during mealtimes, we provide visual options, allowing individuals to make choices about what they eat when it’s served. We also offer physical support for those who need assistance with eating, along with specialized mealtime equipment to promote independence.

Our homes feature beautiful gardens, recognizing the importance of spending time outdoors. These spaces are designed to be safe and secure.

If you choose to reside in a Morar home, we conduct assessments to gain a comprehensive understanding of the support you require. We also engage in discussions about decision-making, especially for individuals who may lack decision-making capacity.